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CBD Sports es una tienda web para deportistas, atletas y fanáticos del estilo de vida saludable. Para ustedes, buscamos constantemente los productos de CBD de la más alta calidad disponibles en el mundo. Estamos orgullosos de poder ofrecer los mejores productos de CBD en esta tienda web. CBD (Cannabidiol) ya es utilizado principalmente por practicantes de CrossFit, Yoga y MMA. El CBD es un suplemento particularmente bienvenido para los atletas que demandan mucho de sus cuerpos. La Agencia Mundial Antidopaje ya no tiene Cannabidiol (CBD) en su lista como sustancias prohibidas.

CBD Oil 2.0

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CBD and bioavailability

When you start using CBD, there is a term that is important to understand:   "bioavailability", which Wikipedia defines as "Bioavailability, often abbreviated to bioavailability, is a pharmaceutical term that indicates the extent to which a drug's active ingredients become available at the intended place in your body."Usually this is defined as follows:Bioavailability is the fraction of the dose of a drug that enters the general circulation (past the portal venous system and liver) unchanged relative to intravenous application and the rate at which this occurs."

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CBD SPORTS user experiences

CBD is increasingly used by athletes. Much is written about the effect of CBD in the body. The endocannabinoid system is explained and the different types of CBD as isolate, broad spectrum and full spectrum are featured in many informative blogs. The results of many studies are added in and the benefits such as better sleep, less pain and faster recovery are widely acclaimed. The reviews for the various products show many enthusiastic reactions from users. "My life has completely changed", "Took a few drops and never slept so well", "My immunity is a lot better and the pain is totally gone" and so on. There are many positive reviews to be found on all CBD providers blogs. Still, it is wise to read all those positive reviews with a critical eye. The effect is certainly not the same for everyone and it depends very much on what you use, how you use it and the reason why you use CBD. In fact, starting with a random CBD oil can be very unwise to do and can have a negative effect on your training results.

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Why athletes use CBD Sports supplements?

Athletes are all turning to CBD! Golfers, professional athletes, skaters, runners, CrossFit athletes, martial artists and also professional football players use CBD.If you now think that they are all dropping THC with illegal cannabis oil, then you are mistaken.

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The fight to win the athletes and active peoples hearts for CBD

It looks like the industry is now proving them wrong. I used two graphics in my presentation. One the prognosis of growth of CBD products in the USA to the year 2022 (worldwide wasn't available at that time) and a worldwide prognosis of sport supplements. CBD in the USA was predicted to grow to  22 billion US dollars and sport supplements to 44 billion US dollars. Take in account that the prognosis was about all categories CBD products.

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The last drop?

CBD supplements in general, but particularly  in Sport is booming. Almost every athlete has already heard of the magic drops. A few drops under your tongue and you sleep, recover and perform better is the fast circulating buzz. The drops that athletes do know until now are for example ear drops when your ears are stuffy, especially swimmers and water polo players know them. Nose drops for a running nose are a favourite with endurance athletes and I used eye drops myself when I was still playing tennis. The gravel sometimes gets into your eye and that can be tremendously irritating. A few drops in your eye does miracles to regain a clear vision.

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